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In the Jewish religion, different holidays and events are constantly being celebrated. Whether it is a bar/bat mitzvah, Rosh Hashanah, wedding, or housewarming, Quest Collection has gifts for each event! Shop this section for mezuzahs, trays, plaques, dreidels and so much more to mark any occasion. 
This pewter hamsa plaque is inscribed with seven blessings. Below the different words, there is an eye with a blue crystal since the hamsa symbolizes the defense against the 'evil eye'. Surprise new homeowners with this gorgeous hamsa or even hang it on your own walls! It can also make the perfect s..
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Stunningly handcrafted in pewter, this Yad pointer is used to read from the Torah. The top is silver plated with intricate line designs. The bottom has a hand-painted royal blue base with spiraling silver lines. A chain is attached at the top and a pointing hand is at the bottom...
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This mezuzah is made to resemble Noah's ark. Sailing in the ship are many animals, like an elephant, turtles, giraffes, and more! The top has a roof, keeping all of the animals on board dry from the flooding rain! Hand-painted splashes of color add some fun do this charming, detailed piece...
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This creative, pewter Yad pointer is used to read from the Torah. Silver plated with a spiraling design, each spiral gets smaller as it gets closer to the bottom. A chain is attached at the top and a hand points at the bottom. Available in gold...
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When at the synagogue, it is tradition to wear a tallit, prayer shawl, over one's shoulders. Decorative clips are used to keep the shawl in place. Made from pewter, these clips are gorgeously handcrafted as flowers. Hand-Painted in a dusty pink, the center is designed with light pink beads and authe..
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This mezuzah is perfect for a young girl's room. With silver leaf details at the top and bottom, gorgeous flowers with pink Austrian crystals in their center line the borders. The mezuzah is hand-painted in light pink and pearly white ombre. Adorable charms, like a dancing baby girl, a heart, and a ..
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This lovely blessing for the home is written on a blue and silver, pewter based, hanging charm. Adorned with glittering Austrian crystals, each hamsa has an uplifting word or phrase to bless the house with serenity and happiness. A perfect addition to your home and a great gift for new home-owners...
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Made from bone with handcrafted blue horn inlay, this stunning box is the perfect container to hold small items, like rings or earrings. Placed in the center of this beautifully designed box is a pewter "chai" charm, symbolizing the celebration of life. This can make the perfect gift for friends or ..
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Stunningly handcrafted, this place card holder is perfect for any wedding. Made from pewter, the frame is embellished with silver plated leaves and a braided design. Cream colored flowers decorate the edges and corners with tasteful Austrian crystals. Comes in a set of 10...
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The hand-painted, pearlescent base of this mezuzah gives the ascending butterflies a gorgeous backdrop to stand out with their pastel colors...
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The unpainted base of this mezuzah gives the ascending lavender butterflies a gorgeous backdrop to stand out. The textured background adds gorgeous detail. ..
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The unpainted silver base of this mezuzah gives the hand-painted, multicolored ascending butterflies a gorgeous backdrop upon which to stand out. The textured background adds gorgeous detail...
Ex Tax:$115.00
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