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Holiday Table

Make your holiday table a little more festive with Quest Collection products! Each has a theme perfect for the holiday, like unique honey dishes and pomegranate accessories.

This stunning apple honey dish set comes with 3 pieces. The creatively designed bowl is in the shape of an apple, with the inside hand-painted in green and maroon to mimic an apple's colors. At the top two leaves drape along the edge. The matching pewter-based, silver plated, spoon has a rounded lea..
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This versatile set perfectly emulates the Spring and Summer time feelings. Designed like a blooming flower, the bowl is quite deep, making it easy to fill with lots of goodies. The petals are a gorgeous shade of periwinkle, fading into the light yellow pistil of the flower. The matching pewter-based..
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This stunning serving piece is handcrafted in the shape of a tree branch, with green and silver leaves growing every which way. There are three designated spots to place the accompanying hand-painted, luscious red apple bowls with removable lids. Each small pot comes with its own miniature spoon. Th..
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Delicately handcrafted from pewter and aluminum, this is the perfect honey dish for Rosh Hashanah. It comes with a lid with an adorable gold pewter bee perched upon it. Included is a gold spoon, to make serving easy...
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This box is custom designed to fit your etrog. Hand-painted in the image of the citron, it sits on a silver plated branch stand. This piece is a must have to keep your etrog safe in style for sukkot. ..
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No matter what course you're serving, this set of spoons will look fabulous. Each has a differently handcrafted handle and bowl. All hand-painted in rich vibrant colors, half have fruit themes and half flower themes. Set of 4...
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Ready to turn over a new leaf? Start with this 4 piece dish set. Cleverly handcrafted in the shape of a leaf, this set is great for tea time, cocktail parties and so much more. Made from pewter and plated in antique silver, the plate is designed with similar veins to a leaf, giving it a real-life lo..
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This stunning honey set will add style to any table. Handcrafted from aluminum, the bowl is hand-painted a coral color and resembles a flower with a matching spoon. The tray is a gorgeous green in the shape of a lily pad. As a three piece set, it is perfect for apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah or e..
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Hand-painted, these napkin rings are the color of a ripe pomegranate. A set of four, each gold plated ring is rectangularly shaped with a golden flower blooming from the top. The flower is filled with ruby colored Austrian crystals. When stood upright, the piece looks almost like it was sliced right..
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Bring a touch of nature into your home with this gorgeous serving traya. A pewter embellishment of a tree is on the side. Exquisite leaves and apples grow from its branches inwards. A leaf-shaped bowl is included with a matching spoon, a specific place for it to sit nicely atop the glass tray. This ..
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A lovely dish for Rosh Hashanah and other holidays or even Shabbat, this handcrafted bowl is designed with the special seven species. With gold-plated accents, each fruit is hand-painted in rich tones. Authentic ruby red Austrian crystals are tastefully affixed throughout. The included spoon has a l..
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This set of four napkin rings are all hand-painted to look like honeycomb. Affixed on the top of each one is a playful bumblebee charm. These are perfect to use for the High Holidays and Rosh Hashanah!..
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